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List Description
cameracontrol AdHoc discussion group for camera control
Catsim-commit Git Commit Messages
LSST-agn Project Controlled LSST AGN
LSST-Apps-Review DM Applications Review Prep Team
LSST-Base-Data-Center AdHoc LSST-Base-Data-Center
LSST-BoardOfDirectors Project Controlled LSST-BoardOfDirectors
LSST-Buildbot AdHoc LSST-Buildbot
LSST-camera AdHoc LSST Camera
LSST-Camera-iandt AdHoc LSST-Camera-iandt
LSST-Camera-Testing AdHoc LSST-Camera-Testing
LSST-cameramgrs AdHoc LSST cameramgrs
LSST-camerasteer AdHoc LSST camerasteer
LSST-ChangeControlBoard Project Controlled LSST-ChangeControlBoard
LSST-cosmology AdHoc Cosmology related work
Lsst-csprototype Tidal Streams Citizen Science prototype
LSST-datascience Project Controlled LSST-DataScience
LSST-DAWG AdHoc Differential Astrometry Working Group
LSST-DeepDrill AdHoc LSST-DeepDrill
LSST-Devel-Runs AdHoc LSST Development Runs
LSST-DirReviewers Project Controlled Director's Review
LSST-DM-System-Announcements AdHoc LSST DM Development System Announcements
LSST-DMChangeControl Project Controlled LSST DM Change Control
LSST-DMLT Project Controlled DM Leadership Team
LSST-Enabling-Science AdHoc LSST-Enabling-Science
LSST-End-to-End AdHoc LSST-End-to-End
LSST-epo-oab Project Controlled EPO Outreach Advisory Board
LSST-ExGal-Roadmap AdHoc LSST-ExGal-Roadmap
LSST-galaxies Project Controlled LSST Galaxies
LSST-galaxy-clusters AdHoc the mailing list for the galaxy clusters working group
LSST-Image-Visualization AdHoc LSST-Image-Visualization
LSST-imagesim AdHoc LSST Image Simulation
LSST-ImSim-Tech AdHoc LSST-ImSim-Tech
LSST-ImSimData AdHoc ImSim Data Management for LSST.
LSST-InstitutionalRepresentatives Project Controlled LSST-InstitutionalRepresentatives
LSST-InternationalOperations Project Controlled LSST International Operations
LSST-lss Project Controlled LSST LSS
LSST-ManagementMeetingAttendee Thursday Management Meeting Attendees (project controlled)
LSST-MembershipCommittee Project Controlled LSST-MembershipCommittee
LSST-MGMT-Team Project Controlled LSST-MGMT-Team
LSST-milkyway Project Controlled LSST Milkyway
LSST-MilkyWay-Bulge AdHoc Galactic bulge
LSST-MilkyWay-etc Project Controlled LSST-MilkyWay-etc
LSST-MilkyWay-Low AdHoc Low-mass stars and the Solar Neighborhood
LSST-MilkyWay-MC AdHoc LSST-MilkyWay-MC
LSST-MilkyWay-NFC AdHoc Near field cosmology
LSST-MilkyWay-SC AdHoc Star clusters
LSST-MilkyWay-Struct LSST Galactic Structure and ISM Science Working Group
LSST-MilkyWay-Var AdHoc Variable stars
LSST-Operations-Infrastructure AdHoc Computing Infrastructure for Operations (not DCs)
LSST-opsim Project Controlled Operations Simulator
LSST-Opsim-Dev AdHoc LSST-Opsim-Dev
LSST-PubBoard Project Controlled LSST Publication Board
LSST-SAC Project Controlled Science Advisory Committee
LSST-sc Project Controlled LSST Science Council Mailing List
LSST-science-working-group Project Controlled LSST-Science-Working-Group
LSST-SMAWG AdHoc Streak Mitigation and Avoidance Working Group
LSST-solarsystem Project Controlled Solar system science collaboration
LSST-stellarpops Project Controlled LSST Stellarpops
LSST-stronglens Project Controlled LSST Strong Lensing Science Collaboration
LSST-supernovae Project Controlled LSST Supernovae
LSST-SWTools LSST Project-wide SW discussion
LSST-Systems-Engineering Project Controlled Systems Engineering Group
LSST-talk AdHoc Speakers Bureau discussion
LSST-transient Project Controlled LSST Transient
LSST-was AdHoc LSST Wavefront and Alignment System
LSST-weaklens No Longer Active
LSST-World Project Controlled Auto-enrollment
LSST-zphot AdHoc Photometric redshift working group
Z-Test Test List

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